Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royal tribe...

Beautifuly crafted skirt by the young Ukrainian designer Stassia! ladies take notes if you looking for simple royal beauty this July. As tribal cultures also have royal glam;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its winter but im in spring!

Hmmmm Durban weather is fantastic! Even when you are cold you want to wear beautiful colours to express a happy mood. There is never a dull moment here thats why I L.O.V.E this city;)
The look spring 2011!!!

Its winter but im in spring!

Its winter but im in spring! by luleka Mkhize featuring skinny jeans
Drape top
$215 -

89 EUR -

Diesel skinny jeans
239 EUR -

Belstaff leather boot
335 GBP -

Dsquared leather handbag
490 EUR -

Gold earring
$125 -

Silk scarve
100 GBP -

Monday, May 16, 2011

We wear bright colours in dark days;)

Although we are finally into our cold winter days, Durban is still bright and happy! It's a Durban thing I guess. Everyone is always chilled in the happy city. Most people are openly recieving the "cold days", a great relief from the blazing summer sun. Weird weather though I must  say, as cold as the wind  might be there is still the die-hard sun smiling down at us. Can't blame us for wearing bright colours in our cold days, we just cool like that:) That's why one will always L.O.V.E this happy city!!!