Monday, December 30, 2013

A Saudi holiday

So this holiday we are visiting my mom in Saudi Arabia Riyadh! The past few days have been quit fun I must say. Sight seeing is always great especially if it consist of breathtaking views. 
Here's a look of one of our trips to Kingdom Mall the shots were taken from the 99th floor by me:)... xx

That dry desert feel captured... Can you see the lost city hahaha 

That New York vibe look...

Car lights looking like larva

Yours truelly... xx

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Treats;)

Just a few more days till Christmas and all I want to do is make special treats for my family while I am still in the country (praying for my visa to arrive ON TIME).
So i decided to browse through one of my favorite sites... WE HEART IT!
Have a look on the amazing things I found!


A girl can never live without cake;)

Friday, November 8, 2013


As I was browsing through lookbook I came across this amazing young lady Sirma Markova. Let's just say I want to be just like her! This 28 year fashion blogger from Bulgaria always looks good in literally EVERYTHING she puts on. In true fashion sense this lady is a fashion icon! Have a look at some of her looks from lookbook... I'm a fan!

Her look is simple with a touch of "I want" pieces, I officially LOVE!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

BEACH DAY in spring

A perfect day at Ushaka beach.
Yesterday was a hot day in Durban, the sun was out and the people were jolly. Nothing to do but hit the beach with friends on a good sunday afternoon.

flower crown- Mr Price
sunglasses- Spit fire
bikini top- O'neil
high waist booty short- Work
Shaped pouch slig bag- Mr Price

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We have a little project going on at the moment at work, I must say I'm very excited. Anything the contains sewing beautiful clothes for MYSELF keeps me going. So in my little free time at work I managed to do a mini moodboard. How I miss those days where I use to get inspired just from looking at one of the works I created. My day will come where people will be inspired from looking at the things I love.
keep blogging, keep inspiring and keep loving.


Sunday, August 25, 2013


the biggest trend that we have seen throughout winter this past season is
"Leather on everything", no lie this was made big by the rap and pop artist Kanye West and Rihanna.
From jumpers and skater skirts to pants. One of the biggest trends
at the monent is the sporty look, so why not combine the two and make insane clothes.
Check out the sport leather jogger and shorts, one cannot miss out on such a powerful trend.




Which bottoms would you rock?
me... ALL


What better way to end a beautiful sunny Sunday... only selfies:)
I had an amazing day at church today, just to be surrounded by such faith really inspires.
When i got back I made myself a delicious sarmie, then when I was sitting it clicked, let take
selfies for my blog, it has been a while since I opened up my laptop and even
a longer while since i used my sony camera. So I clicked away!
Good geniune fun xx.




Gold Chain- Legit
White Tee- H&m
Watch- MK
Gold Bracelets- Gift from my mother

Monday, July 22, 2013

Durban July '13


Not so long ago my beautiful friend and I went to the Durban July, which was held at the Greyville Racecourse in Durban. We managed to get ourselves the VIP Miller Boomtown marquee. One 2 words.... 2 CHAINZ!!! The experience was amazing! With the biggest live music line up Durban has ever seen. With "Posh oh Gosh' as the theme we recieved a lot of stares and compliments. The feeling was impeccable! Maybe Cyndy and I should be famous? Hmmmm just a thought...
Hahaha enjoy!



Khuli Chana

2 Chainz

lets do it again next year... xx

Monday, July 1, 2013


Yesterday had lunch with my friend Nonny who has come down for the Durban July this weekend. Now you can't just have lunch without doing a little bit of shopping, and what best to shop for except ACCESSORIES:) see what look I came up with for my accessory buy. xx

top: Mr Price (Kumaro)
jeans: Pick n Pay
ring set: Legit
watch: Michael Kors
bracelet: Mr Price
Diamante string bracelet: GIFT