Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tie a scarf around my head...

 How I L.O.V.E to tie a scarf around my head! This haute hippie trend works in summer and winter, there no wrong in this only right all the way;)

 I love this look, its cute, ruffled and chilled for a beautiful day.
look at that hair!

I cover my eyes so you can stare at my rings;)

The only girl in Ri Ri red...

No one can do it like Rihanna! One of the most popular fashion icons in the music industry. Her ''I don't care, i still rock" fashion sense has blown up and spread like a plague  all over the world. She might not have the best vocals but her fashion cred is UNBELIEVABLE!

 How to rock a chic blazer

Monday, February 21, 2011

Put a sock in it...!

We've seen it everywhere on the streets of fashion. Killer shoes worn with lacey socks. Fashion from the 60's modernised for today's it crowd. The spotlight has shifted from the shoe and has landed on the sock accessory.

 Texture, colour, ankle length, calf length, knee length- anything goes JUST PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I feel like a child:)

Starting out.....

Wow new beginnings are always weird! You always feel lots of different emotions, which are quite confusing I must say. Especially when you are being watched by thousands of people that you don't know.
I am a fashion designer and a fresh new BLOGGER (yay me! hahaha). I started this blog thinking ''it's going to be perfect" but little did i know, IT'S FREAKEN HI-TECH hehehe! It takes so much energy, but good, positive and exciting energy. I am soooooooo in L.O.V.E with all of this.

I feel like im still a little girl in creche, making new friends, playing in the sand, getting dirty, falling flat on my face and breaking a tooth, but still I manage to get up! That's it, just get up guys, and let the fashion awesomeness begin:) hehehe!