Sunday, April 7, 2013


Yesterday my friends and I went to the Colour Festival which was hosted at the Wavehouse in Gateway. The experience was incredible! Seeing people dressed up to get messy, was quite a unique feel, a human body canvas. Never have I experienced such craziness, fun and freely!
 The event saw people losing control for the spirit colour positively!









see life at its peak...
p.s- video to follow


Monday, April 1, 2013

My ring collection

All Gold "errvthing"
For the past few months my obsession with rings lately has seen my
collection grow quicker than expected. It seems like one can never have too many rings!
Whether you wear a few at once, or that one special piece that you always
have to put on for special occassions. One cannot disagree that a ring makes a drinks popular,
they make a perfect combination with a well shaped glass.
It just makes you want to be a hand model, just for those priceless moments when you feel cooler
than runway models xx.


love ring @Sass Diva
turq rhino horn ring @Sass Diva
\both pearly flower rings (set) @Mr Price
cross ring @Mr Price
royal tudor ring @Mr Price
butterfly and pearl trophy horn ring (set) @Sass diva
candy ring @Mr Price
pink diamante rings (set) @Mr Price

My first...

Today I bought my first ever Chanel product from Edgars the Healthy glow sheer powder.
What caught my eye was the classic packaging of Chanel product so classic and clean!
What makes it the perfect  keeper, is the fact that you can also wear it with no base at all, it still
looks amazing with just a moisturized faced, and then the powder applied.
Ever girl needs to get, always invest on good facial products! xx.




Chanel- Healthy glow sheer powder @Edgars

My 1st DIY day

So last week I hosted my first DIY day as.
It was amazing even though I had one guest (Bridget)! One has to start somewhere:)
It was a lovely,relaxing day well spent! With white T's and black
paint, owls and fake chanel gotta L.O.V.E! xx
what you need:
pencil and marker; paintbrush and fabric pant; and lastly a glass of clean water.
You can also get iron-on studs which my lovely friend Avishka sourced for me.
They add excitement and fun onto the garment. 
Once all is in hand, let the creativity flow freely xx.







 Bridget: chain of crosses @Mr Price, jacket @Mr Price
Me: polka dot culotte @Meltz, studded denim jacket kumaro @Mr Price, chain gold necklace @Legit