Sunday, February 20, 2011

I feel like a child:)

Starting out.....

Wow new beginnings are always weird! You always feel lots of different emotions, which are quite confusing I must say. Especially when you are being watched by thousands of people that you don't know.
I am a fashion designer and a fresh new BLOGGER (yay me! hahaha). I started this blog thinking ''it's going to be perfect" but little did i know, IT'S FREAKEN HI-TECH hehehe! It takes so much energy, but good, positive and exciting energy. I am soooooooo in L.O.V.E with all of this.

I feel like im still a little girl in creche, making new friends, playing in the sand, getting dirty, falling flat on my face and breaking a tooth, but still I manage to get up! That's it, just get up guys, and let the fashion awesomeness begin:) hehehe!

1 comment:

  1. lovely post.
    HI-TECH???? no!
    keep it up. I'm looking forward to following