Monday, April 1, 2013

My 1st DIY day

So last week I hosted my first DIY day as.
It was amazing even though I had one guest (Bridget)! One has to start somewhere:)
It was a lovely,relaxing day well spent! With white T's and black
paint, owls and fake chanel gotta L.O.V.E! xx
what you need:
pencil and marker; paintbrush and fabric pant; and lastly a glass of clean water.
You can also get iron-on studs which my lovely friend Avishka sourced for me.
They add excitement and fun onto the garment. 
Once all is in hand, let the creativity flow freely xx.







 Bridget: chain of crosses @Mr Price, jacket @Mr Price
Me: polka dot culotte @Meltz, studded denim jacket kumaro @Mr Price, chain gold necklace @Legit


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