Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DENIM to dress

An original Cyndy Diedrick design
Recently this dress was chosen in the 1st round as one of the finalist for the Vodacom Young Designers competition. So I managed to do a little interview with designer Cyndy Diedricks from Durban University of Technology, to find out how she managed to turn bad denim to such a beautiful classic look.

For this dress I managed to draw inspiration from different trend for spring/summer 2011/12. "Mostly colour blocking! Because my silhouette was simple, I wanted my fabric to stand out! I looked at a lot of geometric and abstract prints. I wanted something different from the current floral trends. I wanted to be youthful, funky and a reflection of my personal style." - Cyndy Diedricks


To get to this gorgeous colour blocked dress, she had to do a lot of different procedures. "I dyed my fabric with pigment and turmeric powder, sand-papering certain parts. I used ink and a stanley knife to create my pattern. Finally I am happy with the end results as I had envisioned it;)" -Cyndy Diedricks

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