Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maya Hef... Walking on a dream

Live. Love. Style....................Live the ideas and thoughts that come into your head. Let them manifest as they turn into your dreams. Love your craft and give it your all, don’t compromise. Style isn’t bought, it’s a mentality and lifestyle, so own it. - Thandeka Gumede, Zama Ndlela, Londiwe Ngwenya...

What started out as a mere dream and cafeteria lunch topic progressed into three designers launching their own lifestyle brand focusing on fashion and interior. The trio encompasses of two fashion designers and an interior designer who have the same passion for style and vision for life.  The brand Maya Hef was born.  Inspired by the strong woman in their lives, they combined their grandmothers and mothers names and came up with the name Maya Hef.  The words elegance, sophistication and cutting edge are words that come to mind  when ones sees items from this young emerging brand.  Inspired by the old, they turn it into the new and hope one day to help other designers find their design truth.

A behind the scene look at the classic photoshoot:) Getting dolled up! L.O.V.E

Maya Hef
Zama Ndlela
Thandeka Gumede
Londiwe Ngwenya

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